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If you have particular questions about guinea fowl, I'd be glad to answer them (I kept and bred them for a number of years when I was younger).   However, take advantage of the really good sources of info on the Web:
Raising Guinea Fowl bulletin: http://gallus.tamu.edu/Extension%20publications/l-519.pdf
The Guinea Farm, New Vienna, Iowa: http://www.guineafarm.com/
guineas.com: http://www.guineas.com/resources.html
guinea fowl page on Feathersite: http://www.feathersite.com//Poultry/Guineas/BRKGuineas.html
Frits Farm: http://www.guineafowl.com/fritsfarm/guineas/
Guinea Fowl Breeders Assn.: http://www.gfba.org/
Stromberg's: http://www.strombergschickens.com/stock/guineas.htm
-- Sam Brungardt, St. Paul, Minn.
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>Get some guinea fowl, they solved my tick problem.
1.  Where would I find out more about sources and care&management of guinea fowl?
2.  I'm not sure I could.  In managing to avoid a home in a development with a 'homeowners association', I did have to accept an older home with deed restrictions.  One of the restrictions is against having farm animals.
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