[NAFEX] Ticks (was: ATNN:Fruit persons of Maine)

Charles Paradise machelp at attglobal.net
Thu Apr 27 10:12:19 EDT 2006

Two years ago I stopped counting after I found 32 ticks, 5 of which were

I think everyone who goes outside should look up the tick postings in our
NAFEX newsgroup archives and thoroughly acquaint yourselves with the
excellent information that was given then about the mortal threat that ticks
are [their diseases can KILL you].

Just an update: I never go to garden without my 16² tall rubber boots.  I
wear slip=on shoes in the house so easy to slip out and into the boots.  On
each boot I have put one dog flea & tick collar as an additional dissuader
against the ticks crawling up.  The tick collars on the boots will still
protect me from below when I just think ŒI won¹t be out long enough¹ to
spray DEET on myself.  On sale I am able to obtain the tick collars for just
$1.98 + the shipping.

If you don¹t like bug spray, remember this:  as bad as it is to have poison
sprayed all over your clothes, after you get an embedded tick, you will be
taking the poison inside.  Having taken the full antibiotic course twice, I
can assure you from personal experience it is better to take the poison
outside than to take it inside.

Good luck to all and take the tick threat seriously.
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