[NAFEX] Ticks (was: ATNN:Fruit persons of Maine)

mauch1 at aol.com mauch1 at aol.com
Wed Apr 26 14:58:26 EDT 2006

Hey, it isn't only Maine that's having a tick problem this year.
We in PA (at least SE PA) have always had ticks,  but it's like a plague this year.
In all my life, you usually only find one tick on you, and only occasionally, and later in the 
year than this.  Every night, we're doing a 'tick check' on each other and the 
children.  Every night we've found at least one tick, and on one night one boy
had 3 and on another night one had 2.  None had gotten embedded yet.
I'm guessing its from the mild winter, but I used to live in VA when I was small, 
and even there I don't remember anything like this.
Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6
40° 5' N 75° 51'W
~650 ft elevation
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