[NAFEX] Alder bark germination stimulator

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Mr. Paradice:

I see that in part IV subsection B there is referenced "Section 408(b)(2)(D)(v)" which is erroneous. It should read "Section 408(b)(2)(D)(viii)". The rest of the Action Summary seems to be as described and not just a pile of bloat. Wouldn't you agree?

BTW, they are referencing alder bark that has been dried and ground into a powder or flour form.  Personally, I would not bother trying to grow seeds that needed something from Alder bark in order to germinate. Too much trouble. Powdered root of 4000 year-old bristle cone pine works just as well, but eye of newt is much easier to obtain.

Or consider an alcohol, petroleum ether, or acetone extract of said bark powder. Dangerous though.

Resist cutting more trees down.

Thanks for your time.

Kenneth Quattlebaum

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>> Can anyone add any information to this I found?
>> Are we talking outer bark?  Would it have to be composted to be
>> effective or used as removed?
>> I happen to have cut down two tall alders this week.  I went out with a
>> hatchet and removed some bark, everything down to the wood seems to come
>> off with the bark.  So I'm guessing the corporation who applied is using
>> bark from red alder in the northwest as that would likely be the only
>> alder they could get useable amounts of bark from, anyway that's the
>> only industry I know of using alder.
>> Charlie Paradise

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