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Mon Apr 24 15:12:34 EDT 2006

> Rubus phoenicolasius,   wineberry, has moved into my backyard, it's 
>second year, and I am concerned whether I should allow it to remain, or 
Everything Rich Moyer said regarding wineberry applies here in SE PA also.
It's an edge species and I've not seen dense thickets.  Black raspberry makes far denser
thickets in my experience.  Years ago, I once tried to transplant wineberry to a sunny northern slope.
Over years the wineberry, not allowed to tiproot (it grows like black raspberry), the 
hills I planted deteriorated and died out (disease?).  Since it is everywhere around here (but not
massed really anywhere), I don't feel eliminating would accomplish anything.  (I didn't know
that it was now considered an 'invasive').  MF Rose and Japanese honeysuckle are far 
bigger problems here.  Maybe wineberry is sort of like loosestrife.  I've only occasionally seen it 
around here, and when I have, it didn't seem to be 'taking over'  and out competing the native 
Cattails.  However, when I was in New York and saw acres of it, I realized - that's why its considered 
such a problem. 
As to the fruit, I would say that it has the most beautiful fruit of any of the Rubus.  
The drupes that are massed together into the berry are like translucent gems.  Unfortunately,
it has less flavor and more tartness that other Rubus (well many blackberries might be as tart, but 
they have more flavor).  But if you add just a little sugar, they're quite good.
Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6
40° 5' N 75° 51'W
~650 ft elevation
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