[NAFEX] Veteran Peaches, from USDA.

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>From the USDA book on peach varieties

    Type:   peach   Category:   historical 
    Ripens:     - 5     Chill:  1050 
    Flesh:  yellow  Pit:    freestone 
    Gland:  reniform    Bacterial Spot:     moderately resistant 
    Bloom:  showy 
    Shape:  round to oblate 
    Firmness:   low 
    Looks:  fair; attractive but lacks red color 
    Quality:    good; low in tannins 
    Yield:  high 
    Remarks:    Good for canning. Too soft for shipping. Must be thinned 
heavily to get size. 
Apparently, this name was originally associated with ONT194049, which was a 
sibling of ONT1940208, the selection predominantly distributed as Veteran. 
Carries genes for pollen sterility and clingstone. An important peach for Ontario 
50 years ago. 
    Test No.:   ONT1940208; ONT194049 
    Pedigree:   Vaughan x Stark Early Elberta 
    Origin:     1928, Horticultural Research Institute of Ontario, Vineland, 
Ontario, Canada 
    Citation:   3 (report 1924), 4, 155, 220-222, 289, 344 

Sorry it took me so long to respond on this subject.

Jerry Lehman

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