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Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 15:54:45 EDT 2006

Karen asked about whether to keep wineberry, with concerns about its
Here in Tennessee, near the southern tip of its fruiting range, wineberry is
an example of a 'well-behaved' non-native plant.  Our campus woods has lots
of edge, and for the last 5 years we've been removing privet, bittersweet,
multiflora rose, kudzu and ailanthus (tree of heaven).  All 5 of these are
much worse than wineberry, in terms of agressively crowding out native
plants.  Wineberry here neither spreads into full sun areas or full canopy,
but only on edges with partial shade.  Nor does it spread agressively along
the forest edge, as does privet and mf rose.  Compared to mf rose, the
wineberry fruiting canes die each year, whereas the rose stems thicken and
spread upward, downward and outward much more agressively.  The few times
we've moved wineberry, it was very easy to remove the whole plant, whereas
bittersweet, kudzu and mf rose are very well rooted.

Both for ornamental value and fruiting well on just a few hours of sun,
wineberry is valued in our home landscape.  It's fruiting season follows
that of our other red raspberries.

The plant is so easy to identify and remove in winter, that I'd suggest
waiting to see whether it spreads, and enjoy it in the interim. If you're
diligent to get all the fruit (you could bag the ripening clusters), you can
greatly diminish seed spread.

Richard Moyer
King College
East Tennesee
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