[NAFEX] ATNN:Fruit persons of Maine

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Sat Apr 22 20:36:03 EDT 2006

HI Mainiacs of the List-serv,
I don't know what you are used to, but this Spring has been odd for more reasons 
than the weather. I thought after our open winter (albeit warm) that there would be 
less ticks (and hopefully curculio). But here in Saint Albans, I am seeing 
something I have never seen in 30 years alive. I had never and I mean NEVER seen a 
tick of any sort on myself or any other person until last fall (in this area). I 
thought it was a freak occurence and that the other person got it from somewhere 
farther south they had been earlier in the day. But 2 weeks ago, after pruning all 
day, I had 2 large ticks on my collarbone. And then today, after doing some pruning 
again, I had another large bugger. 
I highly recommend a book called 'Healing Lyme' by Stephen Buhner. Amazing up to 
date research about tick behavior, lyme transmission and effective/ineffective 
diagnosis and treatment. Here's some tidbits: Most lyme is passed to humans from 
unseen and unfelt nymphs, not the actual adult "lyme" tick. Also, Lyme disease is 
transmissable through breastmilk, sex, mosquitos, and very possibly saliva. This 
book will shock you into reality if you are not there already with ticks. 
This is going to make exploring fruit in abandoned orchards and seedling trees a 
whole new adventure. Before I only risked a puckered tongue, now, if I don't tick-
check and wear the right clothing (and those are no sure things), I'll be suffering 
something worse than cotton-mouth.
If you didn't have an excuse to strip naked as soon as you walked in the door to 
home, you do now.

Heron Breen
zone 4b, Maine

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