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Fri Apr 21 10:04:21 EDT 2006

Jim Fruth wrote:

   Two years ago, I planted the seed from my wife's canning of peaches.
One seed grew and made it through its first winter.  Now, in 2006, it is
still growing; it didn't winterkill above the snow-line.  This should be
encouragement for all of you fruit explorers to try something similar with
the fruit of your choice.  I've been planting peach seed for many, many
years and it pays off now and then.
To the above I'd like to add:

About two weeks ago my neighbor lady asked me if I thought seeds from canned 
cherries would sprout and grow. I placed foot in mouth and said no. She then 
told me she has 5 such sweet cherry seedlings from canned Bing sweet cherries 
her sister canned last year. 

After rethinking a few seconds I asked if the canning process was "cold 
packing"? She said yes. 


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