[NAFEX] Information Requests/Thanks

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 20 17:12:24 EDT 2006

I can't help posting "thank you!" to those who replied off-list to my rude post. 
All replies were constructive.  Dennis offered gracious humor.  Thanks to all who
forgave even before they learned I'd been running a fever but hadn't been aware of
it.  (No one around that day to tell me "Gee, you sure are a cranky goof today.") 
NAFEXlisters really are as nice as they seem.  

The most thought-provoking was "How rude... At least you had the sense to ask if
your snap assumption was correct.  Too often human nature has us believing a foolish
assumption, without ever wondering if it needs research."  Wise words for gardening,
and lots of other things.

I hope everyone is healthy, and that no one else started their spring transplanting
with sore muscles like I had to start mine.

Tanis Cuff
s.WI, where spring happened in about 3 days this year

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