[NAFEX] Info re: Goof, George's Red, Merton's Knave, Red Devil Apple

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Thu Apr 20 01:00:51 EDT 2006

Hello all:
     At a recent grafting seminar I saw scion wood for  an apple named 
"Goof".  I was supposedly sold by Bear Creek when it was in  operation. Can anyone 
provide any information about the apple? It is not listed  in any of the 
reference books I have.
     I also obtained scion wood for three English  redflesh apples-George's 
Red, Merton's Knave and Red Devil.  A google  search came up with some pictures 
but not much else.  Does anyone have any  information about these apples, 
eg., size, taste,  texture, ripening dates,  etc.?  Thanks. Chris Patterson
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