[NAFEX] Too late to graft apples.

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>> In fact, he said go ahead and graft from my multi-tree if I want  
>> to, he thinks the only problem is that it's a little too late in  
>> the season.
> No, no, no, it's not too late to graft apples. Here in Indiana I  
> graft them up to mid June. Works fine. But maybe not budding.
> Jerry

Have your trees leafed out by then?

I decided to try grafting now, even though all of the wood I could  
take from one of the trees had small leaves.  As Dr. Cummins pointed  
out, if the grafts don't take, I can always try to bud the trees  
later this season.  It's supposed to be cool and overcast, with a  
high chance of rain for a few days, so I'm optimistic.

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