[NAFEX] Seeking advice about paw paws

Jim Notkey nottke1 at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 16 06:25:07 EDT 2006


Having grown pawpaws from seed, transplanted from the wild, and grown named
varieties, my advice is to purchase a named variety from a reputable
or from <http://www.petersonpawpaws.com/Order.php>.  Production per tree,
fruit size, pulp-to-seed ration, sweetness, and aftertaste tend to be a lot
better with a named variety.  Also, by paying someone else for babysitting
the grafted tree for a couple years, you will get fruit a couple years
Having said that, I do have a couple trees-from-seed that yield good fruit,
almost as good as named varieties - but that is out of 50 trees I started
from seed.
Also be sure to read <http://www.pawpaw.kysu.edu/>

Jim Nottke
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> From: Diane Porter <dporter at lisco.com>
> To: North American Fruit Explorers <nafex at lists.ibiblio.org>
> Date: 4/16/2006 12:23:57 AM
> Subject: [NAFEX] Seeking advice about paw paws
> I live in southeast Iowa and want to try paw paws. I understand they  
> do nicely here, but I've never seen, let alone tasted, a paw paw  
> fruit, but they sound wonderful.
> A couple of years ago, a NAFEX subscriber kindly sent me some paw paw  
> seeds. Unfortunately, only the deer got to taste the paw paws, but  
> they by no means waited for the fruit. They yanked the seedlings  
> right out of the ground, wiping out my entire crop in one night.
> I now have a serious deer fence on its way to me, and I want to try  
> again. Is there a reasonable expectation of getting tasty fruits from  
> seedlings? Or do I need to purchase grafted trees (about $25 each  
> from Raintree)? Being optimistic about the quality of seedlings, I  
> would like to try raising the trees from seed, bu I'm getting too old  
> to wait years for fruit and then be disappointed in the taste. So I'd  
> appreciate the expert advice of fellow NAFEXers. I also wonder if  
> anyone can suggest somewhere that I can obtain some seeds.
> Diane Porter, Fairfield, Iowa
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