[NAFEX] Blueberry groundcovers--moss or teaberry

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 23:26:44 EDT 2006

Doreen wrote:
"...can I grow a groundcover in the bed under the
blueberry bushes?"

Our neighbors rake bushels of moss off their shady lawn every couple of
years.  We put this under our blueberry bushes where it has taken
hold.   Helps with holding water and maintaining an acid pH.

For an edible, consider teaberry (*Gaultheria procumbens), *aka wintergreen,
checkerberry or boxberry.  Evergreen, white flowers, red edible berries,
mostly as a nibble.

Richard Moyer
East Tenn
Ideal fireblight conditions; warm and wet during bloom.
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