[NAFEX] grafting apples

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Thu Apr 13 21:04:58 EDT 2006

I planted three baby apple trees last spring.  One is a golden russet  
on G30, which I bought because I wanted to try out G30, and that was  
what was available.  (A single tree is cheaper than a bundle of  
rootstock, and besides, I find it hard to throw live plants away.)   
So I'd like to graft some Karmijn onto that tree.  I was thinking I'd  
try budding this summer.  Any advice would be welcome, including  
"don't do it, graft a branch", or "G30 is ultrasensitive to viruses  
and you shouldn't mess with it", or just suggestions as to the best  
time of year and technique.

Ginda Fisher
eastern Mass., zone 6
where an abnormally warm dry spring has the crabs showing flower buds  
and the eating apples in green tip already.

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