[NAFEX] Ground Cover 4 Blueberries

Doreen Howard gardendiva at charter.net
Thu Apr 13 17:24:31 EDT 2006

The Chandler blueberry I planted two years ago has done so well that I 
invested in three more cold-hardy varieties--Patriot, Jersey and Bluecrop. 
I'm turning an area inside my fenced veggie garden into a blueberry patch to 
thwart the marauding wild turkeys and other critters.  The bed is 
attractive--edged with concrete scallops and filled with peat and shredded 
oak leaves, and surrounded by bark paths and raised veggie beds of cedar.

My question to you experts is: can I grow a groundcover in the bed under the 
blueberry bushes?  I already have one cranberry plant in the bed, but I'd 
like something attractive and low like creeping thyme or Irish moss or even 
something else edible.  Ligonberries, for some reason, don't grow for me. 
I've tried them elsewhere and they have died.
Doreen Howard
Zone 4b-5a, on the IL-WI border 

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