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Comfrey is a two edged sword.  The fleshy roots do go DEEP and can 
bring up minerals and break up hard soil.  Also, the leaves can be 
mowed several times a year to make an excellent compost or mulch.  But 
once you plant the stuff, it's nearly impossible to get out without 
something like Roundup.  And don't even THINK of cultivating near it.  
Cut and spread even a few roots and it'll get all over creation.  We 
planted a small row near a fence and now can easily tell where the 
gophers went by where comfrey comes up from the roots they moved around 
in their tunnels.  And it's continuing to spread.  The only 
non-chemical way to kill it is constant, repeated cultivation as soon 
as it shows a leaf, until the roots are exhausted.  That can take a 
couple of years.
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On Apr 13, 2006, at 9:18 AM, Erdman, Jim wrote:

  including daffodils and comfrey.  I'll have to look up my notes and 
handouts from the session, as the bulbs and comfrey are something that 
I want to try myself, in my orchard.
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