[NAFEX] daffodils and fruit trees

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
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That was also my only concern with the idea.  The leaves produce the energy
for next year's bulbs, so they can't be mowed or placed in too much shade.
This shouldn't stop you - I'm doing a landscaping plan with mixed flowering
and ornamental plants beneath the fruit trees.  As the trees mature, and
shade increases, I'll lose some flowering - but I expect that, and other
plants will fill in as conditions change.  Some flowers are very thrifty
feeders, and those that don't should thrive without your having to change
your fertilizing schedule.  I've had decades of success with frequent light
feedings over the entire garden.  I don't concentrate fertilizer near trees,
but fertilize the grounds entire, covering anywhere the roots might roam.  


I wouldn't have the bulbs in turf; as Lon said, you wouldn't be able to mow.
So plant amid a lower maintenance ground cover.  



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I've had daffodils under several apple trees for many years. They bloom
before the trees leaf out, they show no signs of any competition, but the
one drawback is that you have to leave the area where they grow unmowed
until the daffodil leaves mature. Otherwise you'll have to hand weed them.
If you have more than a few trees with daffodils, that can add up to serious
amounts of time. And if you mow before the leaves die back, no flowers next
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On Apr 12, 2006, at 4:38 AM, list at ginda.us wrote:

Has anyone planted daffodils or other bulbs under fruit trees? 
Daffodils do most of their business before the trees come into leaf, 
so the shade shouldn't be much of a problem. But how badly do the 
daffodils compete with the trees for nutrients, and water? I'm 
thinking of putting in some daffodils under my little apricot.


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