[NAFEX] Fake owl? any other ideas?

Rodney reveland at collinscom.net
Sun Apr 9 23:20:43 EDT 2006

Here is a URL that lists a lot of bird scare devices.


As some airports have a full time staff to work on this problem, I doubt you 
will solve it any better than they do.

Some birds "wise up" faster than others, and there are a lot of bird 
varieties to work with. I suspect that your owl should be mounted on a 
swivel that has a clear plastic piece to turn it in the wind kind of like 
the vane on a wind vane and also you would probably need multiple devices of 
various sizes spaced some distance apart, but I keep returning to the fact 
that thousands are working on this problem and their is no single solution.

This last has some good advice to anyone contemplating protecting their 
crops or property from birds as you must keep in mind that many are 
federally protected.


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