[NAFEX] Genetic control of early bud break

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Sun Apr 9 12:02:51 EDT 2006

This is a follow up to the discussion line, "Mulching fruit trees" to delay 

Several years ago James Claypool grafted maybe 50 side branches of his 
pistillate trees with male scions to better pollinate his trees. Because I'm 
breeding and desired to know which genotypes broke bud early and which ones late I 
made several trips to his orchard during bud break. 

I discovered that males with early bud break grafted to late bud break 
genotypes still broke bud early while the rest of the tree was still dormant. And 
likewise late bud break males were still dormant while the rest of the early 
breaking tree grafted to  had green shoots. The conclusion I derived at was, in 
persimmon early and late bud break is controlled more by the tree genetics than 

For what it's worth.


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