[NAFEX] Apricot fungus, was lime sulfur

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Apricot wood makes one of the best smokes around for smoking meats and fish. The only wood I know of that exceeds it is citrus wood. So keep that in mind before you cut it up for firewood!

Another item, only remove your tree in mid-august or so. If it is grafted onto any kind of plum rootstock, it will likely sucker alot less the next spring or none at all. I once had an apricot felled by the wind in winter and had nothing but rootsuckers coming up everywhere. Not a bad thing if you need lots of rootstock starts though :)


> I have a cherry tree with a fungal problem.  White mushrooms 
> growing from  tree trunk.

> Can lime/sulfur be added to latex paint, and painted directly on 
> the fungi  to kill them?

I have a similar problem with an apricot tree.  The tree is about 4-5 
inches in diamter, and the visible fungi has spread to about half the 
trunk diameter and extends from the ground into where the tree begins 

Observation.  I too have the white fungi, though mine looks more like 
shelf fungi.  I believe they only came after the bark/tissue was 
already dead.  I believe the problem started when the tree received 
winter damage from cracking bark (warm sun followed by freezing 
temperatures).  The bark began to ooze.  I call this 'gummosis', but 
I believe this was only a symptom not the cause.  Possibly a 
bacterial infection?

What I'm planning to do.  I kept expecting the tree to die, but its 
been going on for 3 years like this, with the dead area gradually 
widening.  I think the healthy remaining tissue cannot recover as the 
moist/dead tissue is continuing to infect the healthy tissue, and the 
dead tissue blocks the regrowth.  So unless someone has a convincing 
anti-argument, I'm going to remove the diseased dead tissue/bark with 
a chisel.

This should allow the wood underneath to dry out and not remain a 
source of fungi.  The healthy tissue (theoretically), should be able 
to grow back over.  Thoughts are welcome.

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6
40? 5' N 75? 51'W
~650 ft elevation

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