[NAFEX] mouse story (was Mulching Fruit Trees)

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Fri Apr 7 09:54:19 EDT 2006

White-footed mice, that is.  They are 90% or more of what I trap indoors.  
The story is, all those nice apple & pear & even the Amelelanchier trays of 
seed were beginning to germinate.  I was to be away for a long weekend in 
which night freezes were forecast.  I opted to put the trays into a south- & 
west-lit room.  I also snapped all the mousetraps, because I didn't want to 
return to 3-day dead mice, and I hadn't caught any in 6 weeks anyway.

I returned to trays 50% or more destroyed.  Most of the emerged seedlings 
had the tops clipped off, and many dug holes where other seedlings should 
have been.  Loss will probably be 75-80%-- BEFORE any losses to seedling 

And one dead white-footed mouse in the one trap I forgot to disable.  I did 
not mourn its passing.

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Three inches of mulch is not the same as bales of hay.
I wouldn't use hay bales though.  They attract mice.

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