[NAFEX] Cheap fruit-storage cooler

Jim Fruth jfruth at uslink.net
Fri Apr 7 08:37:34 EDT 2006

    We got our walk-in cooler when the local Food Shelf needed to expand.
The refrigeration people informed us about it.  We have it installed outside
and needed to increase the exterior insulation; we glued 2" (closed cell)
styrofoam over the entire exterior.  Also, we built a canopy around it to
keep it out of the weather.  Our insulating, the canopy plus the
refrigeration company's installation came to around $1,000, a pittance
compared to what the cooler would have cost had we had to pay for it.
    A restaurant near here made one by making 10" insulated walls and
installing a big air conditioner into it.  Theirs works as good as ours and
they spent nearly the same money.

Jim Fruth
Brambleberry Farm
Pequot Lakes, MN
Jams, Jellies and Syrups

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