[NAFEX] I want a fruit-storage cooler.

Joe Hecksel jhecksel at voyager.net
Thu Apr 6 12:14:45 EDT 2006

Timing is everything.

I just read where there are packets available that deplete oxygen...to be used for home storage and very long term storage of grains, etc.  Typical sizes will eat up 500cc of oxygen.  That is very small compared to bushels of apples.

I believe that they are the same technology as those little handwarmer packages.  That is, iron dust and salt.  The poster made the comment that removing oxygen from air reduces volume by approximately 20% and accomodations must be made for infiltration or leakage.  Those handwarmers are pretty cheap at the end of icefishing season.

Who knows, maybe controlled atmosphere storage is within the reach of the average fruit grower.


tanisgrif  wrote:   
> <<Some people want a deck w/ a hot-tub; I want a fruit-storage cooler.>>
> Watch the papers. I've seen walk in coolers for sale by beer & wine stores. 
> Seems they get them when more cold storage space is needed then later build a 
> refrigerated area and sell the coolers. I purchased one such and have seen 
> several others advertised. 
> One thing to watch for, some compressors are "indoor compressors." The design 
> uses a light weight oil that becomes too thick if the temp gets down to about 
> 10 degrees and wears out quickly. The walk in cooler I bought was setting 
> indoors in the rear of the store and lasted 2 winters out doors here. The new 
> compressor was more than I paid for the entire unit 2 years prior.  Still, I only 
> have $2,700 total in mine. 
> No, I wouldn't trade mine for a hot tub!  Not 2. 
> Jerry
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