[NAFEX] Primocane blackberries and heat

Philip Stewart philstewart24 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 6 00:08:14 EDT 2006

I'm actually fairly aware of the issues with the PF
blackberries and heat, as I was working on a MS with
Dr. Clark in the run up to their release. Lots more
interesting stuff making its way down the pipeline. 

Not surprisingly, everything that's true as far as
heat problems in NW Arkansas is extra true in Florida.
Lots of flowers with no fruit, what fruit there is
tends to small with rather off flavors. 

I tried cutting back one Prime-Jim last year to try to
delay flowering, but I just wound up with very few
primocane flowers as a result. I don't really recall
at what point I did it...might have been late in the

I don't have many plants here, so it's hardly
scientific, but I've also noticed that Prime-Jan seems
markedly better at producing primocanes than Prime-Jim
here, though overall vigor is probably similar.

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