[NAFEX] Preventing early bloom - Donna's comment

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 5 23:33:02 EDT 2006

When trying to dig too early in the spring, I've found frozen soil under thick mulch
well after the soil had thawed under mowed sod.

--- Rondi < wrote:

> Donna's comments about her plums waiting reminded me about something I 
> noticed in my orchard this year. Most of my peaches are small and don't 
> have mulch around them, but my Contender that I bought and is taller I 
> mulched heavily with straw last year because of the drought we were 
> experiencing. I didn't pull it away during the winter because the 
> drought just never let up until two weeks ago. I noticed this spring 
> this tree was about 2 weeks late to blossom compared others in the 
> area. The only difference I can see is the mulch.
> What I am wondering is if it would make sense to mulch trees that are 
> known to bloom before they ought to slow them down? Anyone else have 
> experience with this? I would like to hear other such experiences.
> Thanks,
> Rondi

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