[NAFEX] Primocane blackberry management

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 22:37:42 EDT 2006

Thanks for your comments.  The issue I tried to raise is not pruning the
tips on these primocane blackberries to increasing branching and fruitset,
but removing the entire emerging primocanes to ground level, back to the
crown.  (Hence the asparagus analogy.)  This encourages entirely separate
primocanes to emerge, much later than the originals, hence with later
blooming and fruiting.  John Clark mentioned the possibility of pruning the
primocanes off until a certain date, then letting new ones grow to get later
season blackberries at target dates.  You are right that after a certain
point, it would not work well; John probably has data on this already.
I think the better analogy than black raspberries is fall-bearing red
raspberries.  I've moved some of these in late spring, cutting back the
tender primocanes to lessen transplant shock.  They sprout again, but bloom
and fruit later in the season than those red raspberries not cut back.
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