[NAFEX] [NAFEX) Apple flavor, Jerry's comments

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 5 19:19:27 EDT 2006

'Snow' apple for example.  Nice crisp (delicate, not "crunchy") and very tastey off
the tree, but looses all flavor quickly and most of the texture in storage.  Acts
like a summer apple, tho ripe in mid-Oct.

At least, that's what my "Snow" apple does.  There's always they chance it's
something mis-labelled.

I agree I think some of the "12-hour" summer apples would keep a while if we chilled
them down right away.  Some people want a deck w/ a hot-tub; I want a fruit-storage

Interesting-- med-late dessert apple which doesn't keep well: Tolman Sweet 

--- kieran or donna <> wrote:

> ....But back to apples.  SUMMER apples are best when fresh picked, as they turn
> their starches to sugars quickly.  The heat of summer reinforces this effect. 
> After they are ripe,  you better get them in the fridge quick, or they're already
> going past their prime.  FALL and WINTER apples are not only selected for slow
> starch conversion, but cooler temps insist on it.  It would be interesting to see
> if a late bloom on an early apple noted for mushiness would spend longer in the
> crisp state.  Further comments would be enjoyed.  Donna > 

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