[NAFEX] Primocane blackberries and heat

Pete Tallman pete_tallman at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 5 18:33:57 EDT 2006

In Richard Moyer's recent note, he mentions cutting off floricanes before 
fruiting. I assume he meant to say cutting off primocanes before fruiting. I 
prune the tips of primocanes on primocane-fruiting black raspberries to 
force multiple branching to increase the final berry count. However, there 
is a catch. At some point in time, a node decides, somehow, to become a 
fruit cluster instead of a potential new branch. If the primocane is pruned 
above this node after this time, you reduce the fruit count instead of 
increasing it, because there is only part of one fruiting branch instead of 
having multiple fruiting branches. The descriptions I've seen of treating 
primocane-fruiting blackberries mirror my experience on primocane-fruiting 
black raspberries well enough that this caution may apply to blackberries as 
well. You may not be able to arbitrarily keep cutting primocanes late into 
the season.

Pete Tallman
Longmont, CO

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