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Dennis Norton dmnorton at royaloakfarmorchard.com
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Hello Jerry,

For those folks who prefer a soft dry apple, we have those varieties  like 
Red Free, McIntosh,  Jonagored, Enterprise and Jonamac that begin to soften 
about 4-6 weeks after harvest or are naturally softer varieties.

Apples stored in RA storage (Regular Atmospheric) even when treated with 
Tsuami 100, will still break down and eventually rot.  Apples stored at 34 F 
still produce ethylene and create heat which in turn breaks down the cell 
structure which is what causes apples to soften and eventually rot.  To 
avoid a cooler full of rotten apples in January or February, we give all of 
our "still good" apples to the Society of St. Andrews for their food 
pantries.  If we had CA storage (Controlled Atmospheric) we could store the 
apples longer and extend our sales into the spring, but we do not need to 
add the additional costs and overhead which would not be offset by the 
additional sales, since only about 2% of our total sales comes from 
wholesale.  We are only open from July through November 15 and sell via 
internet through December 20 or so and after that we close for the season.

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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    There is nothing better than a fresh orchard picked apple for flavor and 

    At Royal Oak Farm Orchard, we do not store apples beyond December due to 
    breaking down and becoming soft.

    Hi Dennis,

  Question for you to consider. Could you be limiting your market potential 
based on your personal apple taste preferences?


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