[NAFEX] Primocane blackberry survival (was Doyle)

Ribes60 at aol.com Ribes60 at aol.com
Wed Apr 5 11:14:07 EDT 2006

Richard and all,  I obtained some of the Prime Jan and Prime Jim   
blackberries last spring and put them out. I have had very good results with  them, 
except I think I "tipped" them a bit too much, too late. The Jans did very  well 
but the Jims were a bit too late. We had an early hard frost that ended the  
season early with many blossoms and unripe fruit on the plants. The ripe berries 
 that I got were really great.
I ordered more this Spring and have planted them. I left three plants of  
each unpruned to see how they will produce the early crop. I'll let you know  
Ed  Mashburn
Central PA
Zone 5A
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