[NAFEX] Primocane blackberry survival (was Doyle)

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 10:26:45 EDT 2006

Primocane fruiting blackberries may offer fruit in areas with cane
winterkill; as long as roots survive, you may be able to ripen fruit on one
year canes, as for red raspberries.  Anyone know if UNH or other cold areas
are testing PrimeJim and PrimeJan, or other of John Clark's primocane
material out of Arkansas?
Fruit breeder John Clark is scheduled to speak at NAFEX this summer; could
be a good time to ask him about short season, primocane blackberry material
he's working with.

Richard Moyer
Zone 6, East Tenn
Poncirus, Amelanchier, some Ribes and many Prunus blooming.
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