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Terry Bradshaw terryb at lostmeadowvt.com
Wed Apr 5 03:28:10 EDT 2006

I use Trickl-Eez products at work (99 acre research farm) and Dripworks 
at home (<1 acre planting). I'm happy with both companies, although 
Dripworks has a bit better customer service.  For my orchard I use 
Rainbird pressure compensating emitter tubing with 2' spacing at 0.5 
gallons per hour.  I have eight roughly 80' rows in the orchard all fed 
from a 3/4" header line.  I run the whole planting with a pressure 
regulator at 20 psi off of a hose bib and battery powered timer. I also 
have a mazzei fertilizer injector.  Apart from the orchard, my garden, 
blueberries, and even deck planters are on the system divided into 
different zones. I'd recommend sticking to simple built-in pressure 
compensating drip tube rather than individual sprinklers, emitters, or 
circular runs off of a feeder line.  The Rainbird tube is simple, lay it 
down and you're done.  If you need more water down the road, just run it 
longer. Irrigation studies run at Cornell a few years back found that a 
single drip tube wet the soil profile out to the drip line in dwarf and 
semidwarf plantings due to capillary action in the soil.   I'd recommend 
talking with the folks at dripworks to get set up.

>Subject: Re: [NAFEX] Advice on drip irrigation
>I am also using Dripworks' product.  Pricey, but very convenient for  
>the small/backyard grower.  they provide excellent support.  I don't  
>use soaker hose, I use various types of emitters around the trees and  
>On Apr 3, 2006, at 9:19 AM, Jim Fruth wrote:
>>>     The best drip irrigation that I have discovered for irrigating  
>>> trees
>>> comes from The Dripworks, a California based Company.  I use their  
>>> thin-wall
>>> polyethylene mainline because I can use the same fittings that I  
>>> use for
>>> T-Tape?.  I use T-Tape for irrigating all of the berry bushes.
>>>     My trees get irrigated around their drip-line using 1/4" soaker  
>>> hoses
>>> with barbs into the mainline, barbs that are especially designed for
>>> collecting water from the mail-line.  As the trees grow, I move the  
>>> soaker
>>> lines further out along the circumference and only need to move  
>>> them once
>>> every year or so.  This system allows for a minimum investment of  
>>> both time
>>> and dollars.
>>> -- 
>>> Jim Fruth
>>> Brambleberry Farm
>>> Pequot Lakes, MN
>>> www.bberryfarm.com
>>> Jams, Jellies and Syrups
Terence Bradshaw
Calais, VT 

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1450 feet, zone 4A/B?

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