[NAFEX] Zestar shape

Terry Bradshaw terryb at lostmeadowvt.com
Wed Apr 5 03:14:24 EDT 2006

My Zestars look just the same.  I train the branches with clothespins in 
their first year, so the angle with the trunk is good, but the branches 
will want to bend upwards like a Macoun.  one it fruits for awhile, they 
start to bend down but are still quite upright.

Terry B

> Without its leaves, my Zestar Apple Tree looks more like a Lombardy 
> Poplar than an apple tree. It's branches, what few it has, do not 
> spread, rather stay tightly close to the central leader. It produces 
> minimal fruit. Is this what your Zestar is like? Or did I buy 
> something else with a wrong name?
> -- Jim Fruth Brambleberry Farm Pequot Lakes, MN www.bberryfarm.com 
> Jams, Jellies and Syrups

Terence Bradshaw
Calais, VT 

terryb at lostmeadowvt.com


1450 feet, zone 4A/B?

The views represented are mine and mine only........

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