[NAFEX] Doyle Blackberry Availability

Don Yellman don.yellman at webformation.com
Tue Apr 4 13:31:46 EDT 2006


Go to www.fruitsandberries.com for the only claimed distributor of the Doyle blackberry, located in Washington, Indiana.  Punching "Doyle blackberry" into your Google window will also turn this up, as well as garden watchdog and several other sites on this berry.

The Doyle has an interesting history.  For many years, the only licensed propagator was the Severtson family in Texas, which rights were assigned by the discoverer, Thomas Doyle of Indiana.  At that time, tissue culture was used for propagation, and small, leafed-out plants were air shipped after spring temperatures had warmed up.  This is how I got my plants, and shipping was expensive.  Then, in the late 1990's, the patent expired, the Doyle family recovered the rights, and addressed the problem of patent expiration by registering the name "Doyle" as a trademark.  Trademarks never expire, so if anyone else wanted to propagate and sell this berry, they would have to call it something else.  I think they are now selling them as rooted, dormant plants, which facilitates shipping and makes it possible to ship earlier to colder areas.

For Pat Meadows:  You are right I never figured you for 26 below zero, and it's the altitude that does it.  If these temperatures occur with much frequency, I doubt either Doyle or Triple Crown floricanes would survive without protection.  I knew you were seeking this info for someone else, but since you didn't tell us where this someone else lives, I addressed the hardiness issue based on the info I had available.  With any luck, that someone may be in a warmer location.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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