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Hi Michelle,
  In my climate, zone 4a central MN, Chojuro was a little late to ripen and a little too tender, succumbing to -29F in 2003-4. I had it on OHxF 333 and it may have recovered if it had been on a more vigorous rootstock - my main problem with dwarfs is that they are not vigorous enough to recover from winter damage in one season. It did fruit once before it capitulated but I thought the butterscotch flavor a little too weird, but it may be different in a different location. I much prefer Shinseiki - like crunchy watermelon - and it ripens earlier and is hardier and is still going on 333 although I now have it on OHxF 40 as well.


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Lucky Pitman,
I was just reviewing some of my old chats that I saved and came across your comment about Chojuro as your favorite Asian pear.  Remind me what your zone is??  I think you are "north abit"??
I like to plant for zone 4 here in SE Wis but am languishing for an Asian with always question there hardiness here.

Michelle Horner
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