[NAFEX] Early apples

Nathan Torgerson nathantorgerson at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 1 22:18:36 EST 2006

  One of the new early apple varieties that is getting popular in Minnesota is Zestar.(Formerly named Zesta before Nabisco didn't want an apple from the U of Minn with the same name as their cracker).  Ripens at the end of August in zone 3/4 in MN.  I've had my tree for 6 years and couldn't be happier. It produces annually, produces at a young age, is a fast growing tree, and the apples are good sized (with minor thinning), , very white fleshed and really crisp. Flavor has good balance, but I would consider it a desert apple.  The apples keep well for 4-6 weeks, just long enough to make it to the late fall apple season. I think Zestar competes very well with the traditionally better quality late season apples.
  Andover, MN zone 4a

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