[NAFEX] Early apples

Ed Fackler efackler at woh.rr.com
Sat Apr 1 10:45:25 EST 2006

For those anticipating planting Ginger Gold, here is my experience with it
in S. Ind. (zone 6...tough to grow apples)

At peak harvest its flavor was okay...not great.  Texture was good or
semi-crisp.  Fruit size is generally very large when properly thinned.

It is hyper sensative to fireblight...perhaps equal to Spitzenburg.  Tree
vigor was very high and it is a tip bearing sort.

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  Always taste an apple before planting it.  Have you tasted Ginger Gold?
  Why not try to get tasting apples?   Organize some kind of swap.  See if
applesource can shop you a box early.
  Charlie Paradise

  Ribes60 at aol.com wrote:

     Does anyone have experience with Ginger Gold? I have been told that it
is a very good early season apple. I have a lot of later apples and would
like a couple early ones. I do not like soft mushy apples. I would like to
have a stick of scion wood if it is not too late. My apples here in central
PA are beginning to push buds some and we have predictions of a weel of real
spring weather. The gooseberries and currants are showing green leaves now.
Ed Mashburn
    Central PA
    Zone 5A
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