[NAFEX] Grafting with the 'Plugger'

Dave Griffin griffingardens at earthlink.net
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A close personal friend of mine has agreed to share his experience with this gadget on the condition of anonymity. He would like to maintain his heretofore pristine reputation for a discerning nose for junk tools and to keep his name off the sucker lists for such like.  "100% waste. The pencil sharpener makes a decent job of it but the drill tears a ragged hole that ruins the cambium. Even with an improved drill that makes a cleaner hole I couldn't get a take on apples."

John Doe

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Does anyone have any experience with grafting with the 'Plugger' Grafting bit? 


I haven't done any grafting and this looks like an easy way to start. A waste of money or a good starting point?
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