[NAFEX] rotten or fermented fruit

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Tue Sep 27 00:36:34 EDT 2005

When it makes you sick?  Fermented fruit should be fine; not that I would
eat it.  I like my fermented fruit juiced, aged, and bottled.  I really
wouldn't eat fruit that tastes past its prime.  The fact that some fruit has
had the time and conditions to have undergone safe fermentation means that
other nearby fruit would have had the time and conditions to have undergone
unsafe spoilage.  This isn't controlled fermentation, it's luckily
non-health-averse spoilage.  Some other bites could be less lucky.

Jujubes dry nicely and easily.  I'm a little surprised yours fermented, but
I suppose that would happen if the air isn't dry and there's not great
circulation.  I do like them dried' and use them as one would dates.  I
actually prefer them to dates.  Saw some in our coop for almost $7 a pound.
They're good, but not $7/lb good.  If I had that kind of money I'd save up
to buy a gallon of gas...

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Hey all,

I have been eating my stash of Jujubes. I few of them
have been past their prime. They are soft and some
have a sour vinegar taste.  I think the tate is kind
of nice, but I it makes me wonder if they are really
safe. I dont see any mold on them , and I havent
gotten sick yet. I guess I eat my Medlars in the same
condition. Should I be concerned? When is fruit (in
general) over ripe for consumption?


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