[NAFEX] fruit bagging

John Barbowski jbarbowski at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 11:42:31 EDT 2005

The wildlife in the States must be awfully intelligent. I used to get 
squirrel damage before bagging. For a two week period, the squirrels would 
come and sample an apple; one chunk and spit it out - no different than 
yesterday! With bagging, the deterrent appears overwhelming. I am tempted to 
try it on my peaches next year, as long as the winter doesn't kill all my 
flower buds. Bird pecks and wasp damage are also at a minimum - much much 
less than totally bare.
 As for the zip lock, yes, there is an opening by the stem that I am sure 
contributes to some contamination. For me, the damage is minimal. I have 
removed bags that have half of the zip open and part of the apple is bare to 
the elements - the apple was perfect! It seems that the most critical period 
for the bags is when the apple is young and developing. The apple is covered 
and I suspect cannot exude enough of its aromatic 'nectar' to entice the 
little crawlies. 
 When applying the zip lok, I have lost the odd apple because I slightly 
twisted the apple. But the lock is never so tight that it "bites into the 
stem". As for the "sail" effect. I would suggest that this enhances the 
stability of the stem. The fruit stem is made of similar material as woody 
stems. A stationary stem of an apple tree is definitely not as sturdy as one 
that waves in the wind.
Can Zone 6b - just N of Toronto
  On 9/19/05, fuwa fuwa usagi <fuwafuwausagi at muchomail.com> wrote: 
> What I fail to understand with the ziplock bag approach is how you prevent 
> the tightly sealed ziplock bag, when applied young so to avoid spraying, 
> from cutting into the stem of the apple as is grows. My observation is a 
> tight seal bites into the stem to such an extent the apples become 
> vulnerable to falling from the tree in a storm, further agitated by the 
> natural "sail" effect of the bag itself. And it is clear that the insects 
> simply crawled down the stem due to the slight gap I left on my apples, 
> which was left as a direct observation of the loss I incurred the previous 
> season due to stem retardation.. 
> Very puzzled...
> the fluffy bunny
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