[NAFEX] Apple Bagging Update

Doc Lisenby longdistshtr at shtc.net
Sun Sep 18 14:16:11 EDT 2005

I just returned from China/Tibet where I witnessed mass fruit bagging.  I 
didn't get a chance to discuss the subject with fruit growers, but did 
notice use of plastic and paper bags.  The paper looked like it was the type 
made from rice straw and the plastic bags were ventilated with many small 
holes.  I only saw a small sample (maybe 20 acres) of trees, so maybe there 
are other methods using other bags.  There were thousands of fruit trees in 
many small orchards and bagging of fruit was used on practically all of 
I am going to Japan in March and maybe I can look into their bagging 
methods. I have discussed the methods with fruit growers there but have not 
seen exactly what they do and how they do it. I know they use a relatively 
expensive double rice paper bag which is somewhat difficult to apply to the 
I have had some success, but like others, experienced the moisture/water 
problem with plastic bags.
I suspect that the type plastic used and also the type paper used is 
paramount to successful fruit bagging. It maybe that all plastic bags must 
be ventilated by very small holes. Cutting the corners off was less than 
satisfactory for me. Zip Loc bags present a problem because of their failure 
to seal the fruit stem completely even with Don Yellman's suggestion of 
trimming off the top edge of the bag.
I have seen where women's socklets work well.  Mike McConky at edible 
landscapes is going to introduce a waxed paper bag soon or so I've heard.
Jim, congratulations on your bagging success.  I hope you will continue to 
be successful with your Zip Loc bags.  Food Lion's Reclosable Storage Bags 
are less expensive.
Doc  in SC 

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