[NAFEX] pawpaw shelters?

Bob Hartley bob at sprucemt.com
Tue Sep 13 15:32:34 EDT 2005

I get a length of  eight inch diameter corrugated black polyethylene 
drain pipe, available from stores like Home Depot or Lowes, and cut it 
into 10 or 12 inch sections.  Bury one end just enough to hold it in 
place around the seeds .  I plant 3 or four seeds in each and keep the 
first one that gets above the top, by which time protection is no longer 
needed.  None of the local varmints bother pawpaws at any stage short of 

Bob Hartley,  Adams county PA,  Z6

Goodwill at Homefields Farm wrote:

>what kind of tube shelters should i use for pawpaw seedlings and what is a 
>good source for them?  we are going to try planting them soon if we ever 
>get some rain.  the ground is like adobe here in southcentral Pennsylvania.
>Scott Breneman
>Farm Manager
>Goodwill at Homefields Farm
>150 Letort Rd
>Millersville, PA 17551

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