[NAFEX] pawpaw shelters?

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Tue Sep 13 11:10:01 EDT 2005

At 07:32 AM 9/13/2005, you wrote:
>what kind of tube shelters should i use for pawpaw seedlings and what is a
>good source for them?  we are going to try planting them soon if we ever
>get some rain.  the ground is like adobe here in southcentral Pennsylvania.

I've used both Tubex (www.tubex.com) and TreePro(www.treepro.com) 
shelters.  Think I prefer the 2-ft Tubex types for small pawpaw seedlings.
I've seen folks use plain old 5-gallon plastic buckets - cutting the bottom 
out of them and placing them around the seedlings - they work pretty much 
the same as the tree shelters, providing some shading & protection against 
wind dessication - just a significantly wider diameter.

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