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Actually that research was looking at ways to treat small quantities of 
fruit with 1-MCP, marketed as SmartFresh. It's a gaseous compound that when 
released into a sealed quantity of fruit binds to ethylene receptors and 
delays maturity past the climacteric.  The fruit need to be treated at a 
VERY specific stage of development, and are often further stored in 
conventional CA storage.  It's not something a small-scale backyarder could 
do, even if you could get your hands on the material. That said, when used 
properly, it can do good things for some fruit.  Some say that this 
material alone could save the Empire cultivar in NY state.

Terry B

>Hi Tom,
>There is current usage and ongoing research on pallet-sized CA storage. 
>What I mean
>by this is very similar to what you want to try. A bin (15 bushels?) of 
>apples is
>sealed in some sort of bag and some sort of small CA system is either 
>employed, or
>the atmosphere is injected/sealed in at the beginning. My state research 
>was working with this just a few years ago (2). Maybe calling yours might 
>help, or
>calling mine at Highmoor Farm, Monmouth Maine 207-933-2100. If that is the 
>wrong #,
>sorry, and try a call to the operator. University of New Hampshire or 
>Cornell would
>probably have lowdown as well.
>I think something similar would work,
>Heron Breen
>zone 4, Maine

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