[NAFEX] Grafted Pine Trees

Mark and Piper piper33 at verizon.net
Mon Sep 12 09:13:59 EDT 2005

Thanks for that information on grafted pine nut trees.  I would have
expected that grafted trees would come into production before the ones from
seed, as is the case with apples and other fruits.  I have an Italian stone
pine tree that started producing cones 13 years from seed, but it was at age
15 that the cones were filling in with nuts.  After my 15 year experiment
with that original pine nut tree, I decided to try more species of pine for
nuts.  Of those, the Korean pine seems to be growing the best for me here in
Seattle, although I probably have another decade before any of these trees
come into production.
-Mark Lee, Seattle zone 8a

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