[NAFEX] Dolgo crab

Brungardt, Sam Sam.Brungardt at state.mn.us
Mon Sep 12 09:09:33 EDT 2005

My experience with Dolgo here in St. Paul, Minn., is that it is
extremely productive on an annual basis, had no disease problems and
made what may be the most beautiful jelly of any crab.  It has been
similarly disease free for my mother in western Kansas. -- Sam Brungardt
(Zone 4b)  

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....the baccata parentage of Dolgo

Dolgo is wonderful!  It never has a speck of disease, keeps it's leaves
all summer when other crabapples go bald here.  The fruit are
attractive, look like plums actually, and they fall when they are just
right, though I have been known to actually pick some off the tree.  The
flavor is really sweet and really sour, kids love them, though you can't
eat very many.  Most years I remembered to get over to the college to
pick them up.  I washed, cooked, and sieved them for wonderful dark
reddish apple butter.  Unfortunately the college knocked down the
building next to the two trees and I didn't realize the trees were going
too.  Never did get a graft off it, kept meaning to.
    Unless Centennial has some advantages over Dolgo, I'd go with Dolgo.
Is it disease resistant?  Oh, stupid question coming from me, all I have
to do is consult Father Fiala's book... " disease resistant over 20
years of testing, with only an occasional mild scab".  Sounds like it
may be a bit bigger than Dolgo.  Says Dolgo is subject to slight acab
and fireblight. Donna

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