[NAFEX] Grapevine

Dylan Ford dford at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Sun Sep 11 12:58:39 EDT 2005

Lon and others,  I have a grapevine that was growing wild on the property
when we moved here. I have been nurturing it for several years, built it a
little arbor and pruned it late each winter.

 For the last two years it has set good crops of fruit as well as producing
luxuriant leaf growth. It has had no nitrogen fertilizers (except finished
compost) in those two years, before that some stable manure, straw, sawdust.

 The thing is, the grapes never ripen as a bunch, but rather each bunch will
have a few grapes in various stages of colouring up, which eventually ripen
completely, then turn and drop off while others still remain green. Is this
a tendency of some wild grapes, or is this indicative of some problem in the

The grapes seem to be a concord type, but never darken as much, turning
purple rather than blue, and the taste ain't much.

By the way Lon, the Price and Swenson's Red rooted from your cuttings are
doing beautifully, this their second summer. Thanks,  Sincerely dylan

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