[NAFEX] Grafted Pine Trees

charles paradise machelp at attglobal.net
Sun Sep 11 10:16:25 EDT 2005

Perhaps you're thinking of the old Hess' Nursery in New Jersey?   Among their greenhouse-grafted specialties was a selection of Pinus Koreansis [sp?].  I never asked the owner what the selection was for, it was as likely ornamental as it was for nuts.

I find the following info on Hess on the internet
Hess Nurseries. PO Box 326. Cedarville, NJ 08311. (Phone) 609-447-4213
but I don't know if the info is valid, the proprieter had a terminal condition 10 years or more ago and who knows if the Koreansis grafts are still made.  Another thought would be to check nnga.com as there are northern nut growers interested in pine nuts, I don't know if any graft.

I've thought of grafting pines for nuts myself, it would be another multi-year project if I did and I've got opportunity but don't know if I have motive!

Got a new t-shirt yesterday it reads:
"How do you follow your dreams when your life is a nightmare!"

Charlie Paradise, z5 Massachusetts

"Lon J. Rombough" wrote:

> Does anyone know of a source of grafted trees of Pinus edulis or P. pinea, the two pine species grown for pine nuts? I've seen them in the past, but it has been years and I can't find the nursery that sold them. I suspect there may be small, local nurseries somewhere, but a mail order source would be the best.
> Seed is available of both species, but both take so long to come into bearing that a tree grafted from an old, bearing tree would have to be faster.
> -Lon Rombough
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