[NAFEX] Peach - Probably a seedling

Doc Lisenby longdistshtr at shtc.net
Sat Sep 10 13:46:42 EDT 2005

Ed, as a rule, we use small cling peaches for pickles, spiced or brandied peaches for the obvious reason that they are not much good for anything else.  The choice in this area is the Indian Blood Cling. The advantage of it is some of the peaches produced are large enough to can or serve as soon as they get ripe. The flesh and skin are dark crimson and when used to make ice cream produces a beautiful product. It has a stronger flavor than any white peach grown around here.  Cumberland Valley Nursery in Tenn. used to have trees to sell.  There is an Indian Free which has the same characteristics except it is a free-stone peach, but I've heard that it is susceptible to brown rot, whereas the cling version is not as much so.
Doc L. SoCar
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